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The Oswin Project

Branding and creation of an online presence

The Oswin Project Logo

The Oswin Project was started in 2011 and is targeted at improving ex-offenders chances of finding long-term employment on leaving prison. We were set the brief to build an identity and create an online presence for this project using Wordpress.


The Oswin Project Key Concepts

The Oswin Project intends to take recent ex-offenders and provide them with the opportunity to move on with their lives rather than being hindered by their past. By giving offenders the opportunity to work with the organisation they gain training and qualifications, thus helping offenders break cycles of re-offending - the key aim of the charity.

A secondary aim is to change peoples' perspectives, reducing the judgments made by people immediately on hearing someone is an ex-offender.

After looking into the charity and what it stands for I came up with these key concepts.

The Oswin Project Logos
The Oswin Project Logos
The Oswin Project Logos
The Oswin Project Logos

While keeping in mind the key identity concepts, I started to sketch logos based on the different key words. I then picked a few that I liked and developed them further on the computer.

The Oswin Project Logos
The Oswin Project Logos
The Oswin Project Logos

The concept of illusions and different perceptions fits in really well with the Oswin Project itself. Many people judge ex-offenders, but the project aims to change poor perceptions people hold regards ex-offenders. This is why I quite like the triangle illusion which could be showing a corner going inwards or coming out. The almost tear drop shape is my take on the impossible circle which can't exist as a physical object, making it an appropriate illusion.

The Oswin Project Logos
The Oswin Project Logos

After going through multiple designs and text placements, I ended up with this 'triangle' logo. This concept has multiple perceptions, but to avoid a corporate feel I developed it into the tear drop logo with colours to represent both a flame and a water drop. I then created guidelines for how the logo should be displayed.

The Oswin Project Logo Guidlines for use

Online Presence

Information Architecture

In aiming to create a website to promote the Oswin Project to the general public, ex-offenders and other companies, easy accessibility needed to be considered and provision of relevant up to date information. By keeping current projects documented and an archive of past projects, one should be able to see what the Oswin Project is all about and see what it has achieved.

Using a consistent design I aimed to raise awareness about this new charity. For the general public this could lead to volunteers and donations. For ex-offenders and/or related parties it may be used as a source of information, providing comfort by informing them of the supporting scheme the charity offers. For current workers and volunteers this would allow them to keep updated on events, as well as providing a space to share pictures and experiences.

The Oswin Project Information Architecture

Website Design

The Oswin Project website
The Oswin Project Login Details

By using Wordpress there is already a powerful content management system in place which allows the charity to manage their own site, without the need for technical expertise. It also allows different user accounts to be set up with different privileges.