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Semi Precious

Branding and marketing


The biref was to design a printed promotional leaflet for a new online magazine called ‘Semi-Precious’ and a small demo website showing the magazine’s look and feel. The leaflet will be placed in trendy cafes, art galleries and cinemas to ensure high visibility. The magazine’s aim is to celebrate the written word in all forms.

Logo Development

Semi Precious Initial Logos

I scanned or photographed some of my logo ideas and created vectors for each in Illustrator. This then allowed me to quickly create many iterations of each design. In the end I settled on the design above which I then developed.

Semi Precious Logo Development


Semi Precious Leaflet Folded Back
Folded Back
Semi Precious Leaflet Half Open
Half Open
Semi Precious Leaflet Open
Fully Open

The phrase “The shiny new biggest little old thing you definitely might wish to read.” I put together to be a rather fun upbeat slogon used to draw in the amature creatives who like writing or creating work also just for fun. It also backs up the theme of oxymorons which the words semi precious can be seen as.

Initially the area surrounding the text was blank, but I decided in the end to create the inverse of the image seen on the outside of the leaflet. This creates a much more interesting border for the text as well as adding to the amount of contrast. The minimal use of colour successfully draws the viewers' attention and prevents the leaflet looking dull and lifeless.

Semi Precious Leaflet Front
Leaflet Front
Semi Precious Leaflet Back
Leaflet Back


Semi Precious Homepage
Semi Precious Contribute
Semi Precious Individual Article
Individual Article

Users are able to read articles or view the gallery, find more out about Semi Precious or contribute to get their creative pieces published. The pictures are mainly typographic images and the colour scheme matches that of the leafelt; minimilistic so that the focus is on the content.