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Vixi Application

Vixi is an application which allows you to keep track of achievements in a bucket-list style, while allowing you to challenge and be challenged by your friends to complete tasks.

The Brief

Vixi Example Challenge
The Challenge

Our brief was to create the next 'Snapchat'; a globaly popular mobile application aimed at young adults.

This project was a collaborative piece that I worked on with Matthew Lok. We were set the brief by RGA.

Inner Workings

Vixi System Archetecture

After shortlisting our ideas, we decided exactly what the application would enable users to be able to do. I created this system architecture, allowing us to plan the number of pages, content of each section and the functions required for access. I have colour coded this final architecture to enable visualisation of the different sections of the application.

The application contains a preset list of challenges which form the bucket-list. Users can choose which challenges they wish to be on their bucket list, which is split into different categories. Other challenges can be accessed through the global challenges, which could be set by companies opening up the application to a commercial aspect, as well as being able to set challenges for friends.

The application keeps track of all your completed challenges with the video or photographic proof. This can be viewed from your personal profile or shared directly to social media for others to view. By completing more challenges you would be able to set challenges for larger groups of friends and eventually be able to set global challenges.

To encourage people to verify other's challenges, you need to verify a set number of other submissions before your challenge submissions will get verified.


Some images are slightly taller than others as the content on these pages would be scrollable. The tabbed menu along the bottom would be static and always visible.


Vixi Mock-Up
Vixi Mock-Up
Vixi Mock-Up

The profile page allows users to see a summary of their challenge progress: a history of challenges completed with photographic and video evidence, a current level of the challenges, as well as the percentage of their bucket list completed.

Vixi Mock-Up


Set a challenge

Vixi Mock-Up
Challenge Menu
Vixi Mock-Up
Category Selection
Vixi Mock-Up
Challenge Selection
Vixi Mock-Up
Challenge Page
Vixi Mock-Up
Challenge Selected


Vixi Mock-Up

The verification page shows users different challenges that others have submitted. They can swipe left or right to confirm or deny that the challenge has been completed. The profile image shown in the top corner shows the user who has submitted the challenge. Below the profile image is a report button which allows users to signify any inappropriate content.

Submit Challenge

The submit menus will have the same categories as the challenge pages except they will only show accepted challenges and challenges that have been added to the bucket-list.